Womb Healing Retreat


The Full moon of October summons us to not only connect with the Divine Mother, but also to foster a deeper awareness of her presence within us. We as humans with wombs have an innate capacity to cultivate energy to create.


Pregnant with the POWER TO CREATE and chosen to birth the visions that are swarming in our heart into this realm in manifest.

With the challenges that our society at large present there are many catalysts to our inability to actively live with this awareness.

I invite you to set some time aside to commune with nature by spending two and 1/4th days in nature in the backyard of Campo De Medicina in Charlotte, NC. Where we immerse ourselves in the essence of the Great Mother Gaia and explore how we are directly connected to her; how our energy flows; and how we can implement this awareness into our everyday interaction with ourselves and others.

In this space, we will connect to the ancient way of being in direct connection with the divine mother through Fire and Cacao Ceremonies, Movement (Dance, Yoga, Nature Walks), Breathe Work, Meditation, Discussions, Camping (which is totally optional), and Silent Introspection.

Energy Exchange: $222

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