Reiki Certification Trainings

Chances are that you are viewing this page because there is something calling from within you to have a deeper understanding of yourself and/or a calling to serves others in a deeper way.  

Energy Science Practitioner, Shauntel Gaines, is a Certified Reiki Master and has a dedicated her life's work to educating others about the Energy Science and how to incorporate this wisdom into our daily lives in practical ways that support healing on all levels of our existence.  

Shauntel is attuned to the Master Degree in Reiki and active student of the Energy Sciences for twenty plus years and has an active daily regime to support herself and those who she holds sacred space for.   Finding healing within the realms of her studies Shauntel believes that everyone has the ability to heal ourselves and is passionate about teaching others how to access the wisdom that is already imbedded with in each of us.

Each training session class size will allow for a total of six participants to enable an intimate setting that promotes deep seeded investigations of ourselves and the subtle energies that flow through us.

We will embrace our connection our universal connection and investigate this awareness together.

Reiki Level I Training 

Reiki Level I Training allows you to investigate how energy moves through your body and the ways your body communicates these subtle vibrations.  You will also learn how to sense interferences in the flow of these energies and how to shift these interfaces. 

In this training you will learn about the definition of Reiki, it's history, how it relates to the Energy Sciences, and how to incorporate this ancient wisdom into your everyday life.

Prerequisites:  None

Investment:  $400

Time Commitment:  Friday Evening 6-9p, Saturday & Sunday 9a-6p

Reiki Level I Training Dates

The next trainings will be:

April 12th, 13th, &14th 2024

May 10th, 11th, 12th 2024

Registration will begin soon.

Reiki Level II Training 

Reiki Level II allows you to deepen your investigation of the Reiki Energy by expanding your awareness to learn how you can serves others by incorporating your understanding you gained with your Reiki Level I Training and personal investigation.  After completing this training you will be prepared to conduct Reiki Healing sessions on others.

In this training you You will learn how to incorporate the use of Reiki Symbols and deepen your awareness of the healing affects of the Reiki energy, how to conduct a Reiki Session for others (in person and at a distance), an the basics of starting or incorporating Reiki into an already established practice.

Prerequisites:  Reiki Level I Training , and six months of active practice.  

For practitioners who haven't had six months of practice and are called to pursue this step, exceptions may be considered on a case by case basis.  Please fill out the interest form and the instructor will contact you to schedule a meeting to discuss your request.

Investment:  $400

Time Commitment:  Friday Evening 6-9p, Saturday & Sunday 9a-6p

Reiki Level II Training Dates

Next training will be in in-person in Charlotte, North Carolina  on June 28th, 29th, & 30th 2024.

Registration will begin soon.