The Energy Science Practitioner

Shauntel Gaines

I am the owner/operator of Gaia’s Gate LLC; Energy Science Practitioner. My specialty is assisting my clients to balance intellectual, emotional, vibrational, and energetic imbalances utilizing the modalities of Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, and Sound Therapy.

I am a Reiki Master; Certified 500 hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Doula, a Ayruveda Consultant in Training, Musician whose focus is Sacred Sound, a choreographer/dancer, nature enthusiast, and Creative Arts Advocate.

My life’s work is focused on Self Awareness and activating Personal Power; empowering you to transform your life to reflect your heart.

Contact me to register for the upcoming Reiki Trainings or workshops. Or schedule a consultation for a private yoga or reiki session.

Who are we...

Gaia's Gate LLC is a Wholistic Wellness Practice based in the Energy Sciences that promotes Self Awareness in order to activate YOUR Personal Power and guide you towards the realization of your fullest potential.

" Awareness - Alignment - Actualization"