The Energy Science Practitioner 

Shauntel Gaines

I am the owner/operator of Gaia’s Gate LLC; Energy Science Practitioner.  Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, and Sound Therapy are some of the modalities that I use to assist my clients to balance intellectual, emotional, vibrational, and energetic imbalances.

A Reiki Master, a 500-hour certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher, a Doula, an Ayruvedic Consultant in Training, a Sacred Sound musician, a choreographer/dancer, nature enthusiast, and a Creative Arts Advocate are some of my credentials.

A significant aspect of my work is empowering you to transform your life and reflect your heart by activating your Self Awareness and Personal Power.

To register for the next Reiki training or workshop, please contact me.  Alternatively, schedule a consultation for your own yoga, Meditation, or Reiki session.

Who are we...

Gaia's Gate LLC is a Wholistic Wellness Practice that specializes in Energy Sciences. Our mission is to promote self-awareness, which in turn activates your personal power. 

We believe that everyone has the potential to reach their fullest potential, and we are here to guide you towards that realization.  The pillars of our practice are awareness, alignment, and actualization.

Let us help you unlock your true potential and achieve optimal wellness in all areas of your life.

" Awareness - Alignment - Actualization"